An Inspirational Day

Today was the 20th annual Bay Path Women’s Leadership Conference, and I had the very good fortune to attend! With such keynote speakers as Kathy Giusti, Angelique Kidjo, and Gloria Estefan, as well as many other talented and empowering women giving talks throughout the day, I found myself moved, inspired, and eager to pursue my own dreams of starting my own business. 


It certainly was a motivational (and tiring… It’s an all day event) Friday for me. I was consistently impressed and amazed by the stories shared by the amazing women, who offered advice on business, family, and spiritual pursuits. After experiencing an event like this, I found that I was not intimidated, as I thought I might be, but rather, I felt highly capable of succeeding at my entrepreneurial ventures. My enthusiasm was matched by the thousands of women surrounding me, who came together to forge a bond of sisterhood. 

I felt it important to share, as the main themes at the conference were addressing the pursuit of dreams and the search for a balance between career and other goals. As someone who often struggles with finding enough time in the day to pursue all of my lofty goals, the speeches today helped me to consider what should be a priority in my life, and what can be a pastime or a hobby. The conclusion? For me, writing should be a huge priority, as it is something about which I am extremely passionate. Beyond that, writing creates a cathartic release for me, just as music or excersize or painting are tasks that others use to explore their emotions. 

 Writing cannot merely be a hobby for me, as it is far too important. This, of course, does not mean that I will always have a whole day to write. Work gets in the way, and there are those times where I need to make my health or time with family the most prominent component in my life. But always, writing will be an inseparable part of me. It will always be my method of expression, a way to work out difficult emotions, a manner in which I can relate and relax and resolve my thoughts. 

If you find something about which you are extremely passionate, which excites and entices you, and which is a healthy, productive way to spend your time, never be afraid to make that one of your priorities. Happiness should never be discounted! 

Happy writing! 


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